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Unit 1:   Use a Theme Template and Slide Layouts to Create a Presentation


  • Start a presentation as a New Office document and identify parts of the PowerPoint window
  • Create, save and view a presentation containing a title slide and additional multi-level bulleted list slides
  • Open and edit a saved presentation by applying a theme template and use a variety of text attributes
  • Check the spelling of a presentation
  • Navigate through the slides in normal view
  • Display and print a presentation in black and white
  • Use the PowerPoint Help system


In Unit 1, you will learn about PowerPoint theme templates, objects, and attributes. You will enhance a presentation by changing text font style and increasing font size. You will create additional multi-level bulleted list slides, view the presentation in slide show view,  save the presentation and quit the PowerPoint program. After opening an existing presentation, you will use the Spelling checker to search for spelling errors. You will learn how to display the presentation in black and white and how to print hard copies of slides in order to make overhead transparencies.  Finally, you will learn how to use the PowerPoint Help system

Your instructor will identify the weekly schedule and assignment due dates at the start of your course. It is important that you set weekly goals and remain on schedule.

Each section consists of Learning Activities and Practice Activities followed by a Learning Assessment.


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