Final Project – Instructions

Now that you are familiar with the basic elements of the Presentation Software PowerPoint 2010, you are ready to plan, design, and create a presentation by entering and editing text, choosing a slide theme and effective graphic images, and applying appropriate transition and animation effects.

Your Presentation

Do Review the design guidelines provided in the preceding page and apply them to the presentation you are creating.

Do Refer to the Feedback Checklist used in Assignment 5 to make sure you are following good business guidelines.

Do Complete Final Assignment located in the Dropbox.

Do Submit your presentation at the Dropbox link for Unit 6 Final Project. It will be evaluated by your instructor based on the checklist provided.

The Last Activity… is to take the time to fill out the Course Evaluation found under the Surveys link on the upper right Navigation Bar. We value your input!

You should now have completed all components of the course. Congratulations! Your letter grade will be assigned by the registering college.


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