Presentation Software

Unit 5: Create a Web Presentation Using PowerPoint


  • Open and Save an existing PowerPoint presentation as a video
  • View the presentation in a Web browser
  • Modify slides in the presentation
  • Revise and view the presentation in the Web browser


Presentation Software is organized into three sections. Unit 1 & 2 introduced you to the basics of presentation software and to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Unit 3 & 4 introduced you to outline view, clip art, and animation effects. Unit 5 shows you how to save the presentations you created in Units 1 and 2 for distribution on the web.

In this unit you will save an existing PowerPoint presentation as a video file to publish on the web or email to others. You will share an existing presentation over the Web. You will revise the first slide in the presentation and allow the audience to review the revisions using their default browser.

Your instructor will identify the weekly schedule and assignment due dates at the start of your course. It is important that you set weekly goals and remain on schedule.

This unit is laid out similar to the previous units and consists of Learning Activities and Practice Activities followed by a Learning Assessment. Following completion of Units 1-5 you will be ready to complete the Final Project.

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