Practice Unit 2: Practice Activities

Practice Activity 1:

You are required to create a presentation to educate the public on cell phone use while driving.

  • Select an appropriate theme template.
  • Title slide is needed.
  • Make sure that you use the 7 x7 rule
  • Divide the text into slides, you want only one topic per slide
  • Include a concluding slide

Presentation should cover the following concepts:

  • Drivers must take their eyes off the road while driving.
  • The ability to concentrate on driving is impaired.
  • Studies show that more people are using cell phones while driving
  • Increase from 6% in 2002 to 8% in 2004.
  • Jump was more noticeable in women drivers and young drivers between the ages of 16-24 years.
  • Risk of collision is 4 times higher when using a cell phone.
  • Prior experience with cell phones has no effect on distraction levels.
  • Hand free phone units are not an alternative.

When you have completed your presentation, post it to the discussion board that your instructor has set up for you and your partner/s. Your partner/s will then download your presentation and offer you help and/or advice. Please post a message on your discussion board for your instructor if you have any questions or need any help.

When your partner/s has/have posted his/her presentation on the discussion board, download the file and read through it. Look for the following:

  • Title slide with information that clearly identifies the presentation.
  • Slides have one topic per slide and conform to the 7 x 7 rule.
  • Concluding slide that summarized the presentation or offers contact information.
  • Check for spelling errors and consistency.
  • Check that the theme template is appropriate to the topic.

Post comments on the discussion board for your partner/s.

Practice Activity 2:

Create a PowerPoint presentation for a Personal Management Skills workshop. This workshop is geared toward job seekers within your community.

  • Select an appropriate theme template.
  • Title slide is needed.
  • Make sure that you use the 7 x7 rule.
  • Look at the required information and then rewrite into bullets.
  • Divide the text into slides; you want only one topic per slide.
  • Include a concluding slide.

The content should include the following:

  1. Demonstrate Positive Attitudes and Behaviors – Feel good about yourself and be confident. Deal with people, problems and situations with honesty, integrity and personal ethics. Recognize your own and others people’s good efforts. Take care of your personal health. Show interest, initiative and effort.
  2. Be Responsible – Set goals and priorities balancing work and personal life. Plan and manage time, money and other resources to achieve goals. Assess, weigh, and manage risk.
  3. Be Adaptable – Work independently or as part of a team. Carry out multiple tasks or projects. Be open and respond constructively to change. Learn from your mistakes and accept feedback.
  4. Learn Continuously – Be willing to continuously learn and grow. Assess personal strengths and areas for development. Set your own learning goals. Identify and access learning sources and opportunities. Plan for and achieve your learning goals.
  5. Work Safely – Be aware of personal and group health. Use safe practices and procedures, and act in accordance with the work safely program.

If you would like assistance from your partner/s, post your presentation on the same discussion board for review and comments. Make sure that you also send a message to your instructor if you need assistance .

Once you have completed both Practice Activities, click the Next Topic arrow to proceed to the Learning Assessment for Unit 2.


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