Practice Unit 4: Practice Activities

Practice Activity 1:

Open the Cell Phone Hazards PowerPoint presentation that you created in Unit 2: Practice Activity 1.

Add clipart objects that enhance the slide information to several of the slides.

Add Slide Transitions

  1. Open Employskills.ppt.
  2. Click on the slide sorter view to view all slides simultaneously.
  3. Click on the Transitions tab.
  4. Select the first slide.
  5. In the Transitions to This Slide group choose Wipe. Select From Right from the Effect Options drop down. Notice the thumbnail displays the transition that you selected.
  6. Move to the next slide and select another transition.
  7. Click on the third slide, then hold down the shift key and click on the last slide and apply yet another transition.
  8. To apply the transition to all the slides, click Apply to All.
  9. View the slide show, make any adjustments if necessary, press Esc to exit the slide show.
  10. Save your presentation.

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Add Custom Animation

  1. To add custom animation to your slides, you need to view your slides in Normal View.
  2. Select the Animations tab
  3. Select the Animation Pane from the Advanced Animation group.
  4. Move to Slide 3.
  5. Select the arrow object.
  6. Click on Add Animation, more entrance effects at the bottom and choose Diamond. Select OK.
  7. Notice that each placeholder, bullet and object are numbered.
  8. The number indicate the order in which the item will appear on the screen.
  9. The task pane lists the custom animation for each item. You can change the order of each item by clicking and dragging the item within the task pane.
  10. Once you have applied custom animation click Play located at the top of the task pane.
  11. Save your changes.
  12. Close PowerPoint.

To Summerize:

Unit 3 Learning Activities introduced using graphics effectively and tips to polish up a to enhance your presentation. Unit 4 introduces Slide Transitions and Animations to your slides and slide objects. Apply the concepts learned in Unit 3 and Unit 4 to Cell Phone Hazards presentation. Be sure your presentation includes the following:

  • Clip art objects that enhance slide information
  • Apply animation and slide transitions schemes
  • Add header and footer features to both printed pages and slides
  • Select a theme template that complements the presentation
  • Make sure that your presentation includes both a title slide and a concluding slide

When you have completed your presentation, post it to the discussion board that your instructor has set up for you and your partner. Your partner will then download your presentation and offer you help and/or advice. Please post a message on your discussion board for your instructor if you have any questions or need any help.

When your partner has posted his/her presentation on the discussion board, download his/her file and read through it. Look for the following:

  • Title slide with information that clearly identifies the presentation
  • Slides have one topic per slide and conform to the 7 x 7 rule
  • Concluding slide that summarizes the presentation or offers contact information
  • Check for spelling errors and consistency
  • Check that the theme template is appropriate to the topic
  • Clip art images that enhance the slide information
  • No more than two animation effects in the presentation
  • Transition scheme (one) for the slides
  • Title slide should not have any transition scheme

Post any comments on the discussion board for either your partner or your instructor.

Practice Activity 2:

Open the Personal Management Skills Workshop PowerPoint presentation that you created in Unit 2: Practice Activity 2.

Follow the same guidelines outlined above for the first activity.

If you would like assistance from your partner, post your presentation on the same discussion board for review and comments. Make sure that you also post a message for your instructor if you need assistance with it.

Once you have complete both Practice Activities, click the Next Topic arrow to proceed to the Learning Assessment for Unit 4.


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