Welcome to Presentation Software

This course provides an introduction to creating electronic presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

It is scheduled over a six-week period and will take you approximately 30 hours to complete.

Topics include:

  • create a presentation using theme templates and slide layouts
  • use outline view and clipart to create a slide show
  • create a presentation for the Web

Before you begin, please check that you have access to a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 installed.

The text of the course is available in 4 formats:

  • This site!
  • As an ePub file that is usable with most eBook readers and tablets. Download it here.
  • As a PDF, that can be print or is also usable on most eBook readers, tablets and computers. Download it here.
  • As a wiki.

Make sure that you print a copy of the course outline and the course schedule. Check the discussion board for messages from your instructor and classmates.

Enjoy the course!


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